Vision and Values

We aspire to ensure that people with mental health needs can live the life they want to live.

Citizen-patient focus
We adopt the citizen-patient’s values in our own clinical work to co-produce knowledge and healing.
Mutual respect between each other, our patients and the community form the basis of what we do.
We work as a team to build a safe, caring, compassionate, fair and just culture based upon our patients’ involvement and the triangle alliance with our patients, their families, friends & carers.
Values-based mental health care
We practice values-based mental health treatment and care, where evidence-based and clinical best practice is one of the most important shared values in helping to link the patient with the personalised support and medicine during their journey of recovery.
We create an environment of shared values and power, where patients can actively participate in decision making and actions towards self-directed recovery.
We recognise and measure the quality of care we provide with meaningful outcome measures for our patients with lived experience of illness, treatment and care, such as patient reported outcome and experience of care measures.
Patient Centred
In our quest for holistic mental health care we advocate for the duality of health and social care in every aspect of life that impacts on our patients’ health and well being. We help to bring the whole system together to sustain our patients’ independent living with the clinical care we provide.
We are constantly keeping up with the cutting-edge knowledge in our education, research and the quality of care through continuous improvement.