Your Stay

We offer comfortable accommodation in private rooms, all with ensuite bathroom facilities.  Every room is equipped with a television, telephone and air conditioning.
Lounge rooms, craft and therapy rooms, outdoor courtyards, gardens, cafeteria and recreational facilities are provided to cater for your therapeutic and relaxation needs.
Leave from the Clinic
You may be granted accompanied or unaccompanied leave from the Clinic upon request.  The decision to grant leave will be made by your treating medical health doctors.

Upon admission, nursing staff will search your belongings in your presence, and at any time if clinical staff perceive a risk.
Please note that no responsibility will be taken by The Toowoomba Clinic in the event of theft of property, loss of property or damage to any vehicle.
Full laundry facilities are available for patients’ personal clothing between 2:30pm and 8:30pm. You will need to supply your own washing detergent.
Telephone Calls
We request that telephone calls are not made during the group therapy times. Patients are unable to take calls from 9:30am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 4pm.
Pastoral Care and Interpreters
The nurse in charge can arrange for a pastoral care member of the clergy of your denomination to visit. Interpreters can also be arranged as required.
The Toowoomba Clinic provides a safe environment for staff, patients and visitors. All visitors must report to reception or nursing staff upon arrival and departure. The Toowoomba Clinic asks that patients and visitors are alert to the presence of strangers in the Clinic and report any suspicious behaviour to staff promptly.
Electrical Items
On admission, and during your stay, you are requested to present any electrical items to be checked by staff to ensure they are safe. If there is any concern (i.e. frayed or discoloured cables, etc.) you will be asked not to use the piece of equipment during your Clinic stay.
The restaurant style dining room offers a selection of nutritionally-balanced meals. Should you have any special dietary requirements or any food allergies please let the clinical staff know on admission.
We are happy for you to invite visitors to dine with you for a nominal charge. Please see Reception staff during office hours or the clinical staff outside of these times to obtain a meal ticket.

Patient Identification
In order for the Clinic staff to correctly identify you throughout your admission, a photograph will be taken when you are admitted as required by the Health Department to act as identification for medication administration purposes.
The Toowoomba Clinic is strictly smoke free. Smoking including e-cigarettes is only permitted in the designated smoking area on the perimeter of the grounds.
Mobile telephones must be turned off during group therapy sessions and in some cases handed into staff. Restrictions apply to the photography and recording functions of mobile telephones. The Toowoomba Clinic does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your mobile phone.
Public telephones are located in your room for your use and should your family and friends wish to contact you.
Zero Tolerance - Aggression and Violence
Every person working in or utilising the Toowoomba Clinic - staff, patients and visitors - has a right to personal safety. Threatening, abusive or physically violent behaviour will not be accepted from anyone under any circumstances. Any such acts will result in action being taken. Such action may include being asked to leave the premises or discharge from the facility, police being notified and legal action implemented.
Visiting Hours
The Toowoomba Clinic welcomes visitors during visiting hours: 4.00pm - 8.00 pm during weekdays, and 2.00pm - 8.00pm on weekends and public holidays. Visiting outside of these times should be arranged in consultation with nursing staff. Children must be directly supervised by visitors at all times.
  • Total Cost at Admission
    You do not have anything to pay at time of admission.
  • Costs at Discharge
    You may incur additional costs if medications are dispensed to you during your admission or for pathology/radiography tests that may be conducted. We encourage you to bring your current medications with you to reduce this cost.