Your treating psychiatrist will develop a discharge plan with you from the point of admission. This will include arrangements for ongoing treatment and care after you leave the Clinic.  Wherever possible, patients, family and carers are encouraged to be involved in this process.
The Toowoomba Clinic provides continued support and therapy following discharge. The following services will make a valuable contribution to your ongoing recovery:
The Toowoomba Clinic Day Program
The programs available will assist you in prevention of relapse. The Toowoomba clinic offers a range of group programs to assist, support and develop specific life skills that can improve your level of well being including drug and alcohol dependency.
Carers Support Service
Families, friends and carers play a vital role in supporting people with mental health issues.  The Toowoomba Clinic employs a carer representative who is available to assist you as required.
Community Outreach
Your discharge plan may include provision of follow-up appointments at home to support you to transition home from the Clinic. Experienced mental health professionals may visit patients in their own home or community upon discharge from the Clinic setting.