All admissions to The Toowoomba Clinic must be referred to, and accepted under the care of one of our treating Psychiatrists.
Referrals for admission are accepted for patients who:
  • Are adults or over the age of 16 years, where developmentally appropriate.
  • Consent to referral for either the inpatient program or the day program.
  • Have Private Health Insurance, DVA Status, WorkCover or the ability to self-fund their admission.
Referrals for admission to the inpatient or day program can be made on-line or faxed.
Make an on-line Referral

Assistance regarding suitability for referrals to the inpatient and day programs can be obtained by telephoning (07) 4573 4400.
We will confirm the outcome of your patient’s eligibility check and any applicable out-of-pocket expenses the following business day. On the same business day, we will confirm your patient’s admission date and the allocation of a Psychiatrist.