About Us

The Toowoomba Clinic is a privately-owned 27-bed mental health clinic providing specialist mental health services for adults.
The Toowoomba Clinic is situated at 18 Pechey Street, approximately 150m from the Toowoomba Base Hospital. Our dedicated team of health professionals support patients in their journey of recovery through holistic, patient-centred care.
Our evidence-based treatment and care includes the following:
  • Inpatient assessment and treatment including group therapy programs which focus on skills training relevant to psychiatric conditions.
  • Day programs for Depression, Anxiety, Self-esteem, PTSD, Alcohol and Other Drugs Use Disorder, Anger Management, Chronic Pain with associated psychiatric disorders.
  • CBT, ACT and Mindfulness based programs.
  • Neurostimulation - Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).
  • Veterans mental health.
Fresh approach to mental health
You may have already tried various therapies with different care providers, but in spite of this, change does not seem to last. You still have not been able to overcome your mental health problems - depression, anxiety, trauma or addiction for example. The Toowoomba Clinic exists to help people like you. At our clinic we understand that one form of treatment does not suit all patients. We don’t just work on the problem. We also try to help you identify and work on the underlying cause/s.
Personalised treatment
At The Toowoomba Clinic we seek to understand you as a person and the challenges you face. A personalised treatment plan will be developed collaboratively with you based on your individual circumstances, concerns, values and needs.
We are recruiting Psychiatrists, Registrars and Doctors