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Dr Nenad Alempijevic - The Toowoomba Clinic
Dr Nenad Alempijevic
Clinical Psychosexual Therapist MD, MHlthSc
(Sexual Hlth) and Hypnotherapist
Certificate of Advanced Clinical Hypnosis (CBT-FPS)
  • Sexual dysfunctions, difficulties and problems
Dr Nenad Alempijevic has extensive knowledge and skills in assessing and managing various sexual dysfunctions, difficulties and problems.

Sexual diversity, equality, non-discrimination, and respect are deeply engraved into his holistic approach to the management of sexual and relationship problems of male, female, intersex, transgender and queer individuals and couples of all age groups and sexual orientations. His broad experience in different fields of Medicine and especially Psychiatry including proficiency in various forms of Psychotherapy helps him better understand and manage sexuality related problems affecting males (premature or delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction), females (problems with desire and arousal, lack of orgasm, sexual pain), mismatched libido in couples, problematic sexual behaviours, sexual problems related to psychological and medical conditions (e.g. prostate cancer) and injuries, normal aging and sexuality, sexuality and disability, gender dysphoria and many others.

Dr Nenad Alempijevic is professional member of The Society of Australian Sexologists and accredited Clinical Psychosexual Therapist.

Hypnotherapy treatment referrals are welcome for: relaxation, stress management, anxiety, phobias, depression, insomnia, pain management, smoking and alcohol cessation and weight reduction.